Press Release

Starting a BENELUX support Initiative, the M113 APC

Joint Statement by the Defence Ministers of Belgium, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands:

We reaffirm our continued determination to support Ukraine in response to the ongoing unacceptable Russian aggression. Since the beginning we joined our efforts to bring essential international support to Ukraine, now and on the longer term.


Belgium, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands (BENELUX) have now agreed upon a common funded initiative in order to provide refurbished M113 from industrial stocks. Within the coming months, Ukraine will receive a number  M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) Vehicles equipped with a remote control weapon system and fitted with the mounting for a 7,62 mm or 12,7 mm machine gun. A “spare parts package” will be delivered as well.


The M113 is an tracked vehicle used by many foreign nations and a strong Armoured Personnel Carrier used to transport soldiers from one point to another in combat situations.


By sharing our efforts, we contribute to the sustainment for armored capabilities requested by Ukraine forces.


This initiative will contribute to substantially and sustainably strengthening the Ukrainian armed forces and complement the efforts already underway to support Ukraine.